Infinity 2 Carat Cushion Ideal Cut Lab Grown 50% Pure Carbon Stone

Infinity 2 Carat Cushion Ideal Cut Lab Grown 50% Pure Carbon Stone

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Natural diamonds are made from carbon, heat and pressure. We create our Infinity class hybrids from a 50% pure carbon compound in a lab here is North American. They will test positive on testers commonly used. Some testers are more specific. But our stones are not cz cubic zirconium.

They are carbon based, like nothing else grown. They are harder than any other stone except the diamond, cut to Ideal Brilliant proportions which is only possible for 3% of natural diamonds. They are VVS clarity which is awesome and naturally colorless which is the best available. So they are not visually distinguishable, test positive on most testers, perfectly cut, amazing color, heat resistant for
high temperature mounting and look amazing in any jewelry.

Infinity vs Moissanite

The crystal structure of the Infinity stone is distinct, and optically superior, to the crystal structure of Moissanite by Charles and Colvard. The Infinity stone has more brilliance (higher refractive index), and better color (wider optical band gap) than Moissanite.

For example, Infinity stones will never tint green the way Moissanite can, and is natively F color, or true colorless. The Infinity stones however, are much harder and more difficult to grow than Moissanite. It is also cut to true diamond specs, while moissanite is not.

On almost all testers it will come in as a diamond.

It will however not have the fuzziness or the non- diamond cut like moissanite.


E-F Color

FL-VVS1 Clarity Ideal Cut

Hand Cut and Polished with a Lifetime Warranty

Our Infinity Stone

The Science of Perfection

Carbon is the key to the natural diamond’s traits. We have unlocked the potential of Carbon in our formula. We utilize a 50% pure carbon compound to grow the most perfect stone on the market today.

The Infinity is a 50% Pure Lab created diamond gem like nothing else you have ever laid eyes on.

More rare and brilliant than a diamond it captures even the slightest light source transforming it into an intense scintillation of fire and sparkle.

Superbly Engineered in our state-of-the-art laboratories the Infinity® comprised of 50% pure carbon, is the second toughest stone in the world at an impressive 9.5Mohs hardness (a diamond is the first coming in at a 10Mohs). Because of the high carbon content, it will test positive for a diamond on most diamond testers and pass the fog and transparency test. Without a doubt, the Infinity is the most advanced and genuine diamond quality stone in the marketplace today that’s reasonably priced and can handle the high stress of daily wear. It does not ever fade, dull, micro-scratch or loose its luster, giving you a lifetime of wearable pleasure and confidence.


The Best of Both Worlds

Visually Stunning Hardness

Color Clarity

Lifetime Warranty

at 1/10-1/20 of the cost of a natural stone

Comes with a serialized certificate of authenticity


These stones are virtually

indistinguishable from a natural diamond.

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